MIPY DSP : Release the Easiest/Fast/Lowest-Price DL-CNN AI DSP on earth  
  MIPY FPGA : Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks (DL-CNN) AI DSP on FPGA  
  HDI9905D : the 5th Generation Super Quility 5M Surveillance HD Cam DSP  
  HDI9903D : the 5th Generation Super Quility 3M Automobile HD Cam DSP  
  HDI8904P : the 4th Generation HD DSP for 4M Coaxial Camera  
  HDI8903P : the 4th Generation HD DSP for 3M Coaxial Camera  
  AVS05P+8903H : HD/WDR/pedestrian tracking/license plate CMOS Camera Module  
  HDI8903~06 : 4-in-1 2M Coaxial HD CMOS Camera DSP with 3D Noise Reduction  
  HDI8901&8902 : World first 4-in-1 Muti-Protacols Analog Coaxial 1M/2M CMOS Camera DSP  
  AVS05P : HD/WDR/Star-light/license plate + pedestrian tracking CCD/CMOS Camera DSP  
  AVS03P+03A : WDR/Face/Inteligent/Star-light CCD Camera Module  
  AVS03A : Low-cost Face/Inteligent CCD+CMOS Camera DSP