Company Profile  
   Our team has been engaged in image algorithm and chip design for decades.It originated  
  from the co-founding of the SQ Tech. when 1997 we branch out to Shenzhen & focus on the  
  PC and consumer image processors market.  
   Our chip products include Scanners/Digital cameras/PC cameras/MP3/Digital photo frames  
  /IP cameras/Desh cam recoder/CCTV recorders/Wireless baby Monitor etc.  
   During our successful listings in 2003 we has 200 employ & there were also 40 engineers  
  stationed at the office of Shenzhen Science and Technology Park. By several image chips can  
  make the annual sales Qty. over millions pcs. together exceed 200 millions in a decade, and  
  also leads the 1st Network IP Camera single chip born in Asia.  
   Sadly, the 2008 financial turmoil also detonated the internal broken of our company.  
  The resigned SQ CEO left the company with the deputy chiefs also with 20 more frontline  
  supervisors & managers to create AVSdsp Co. Ltd. and focus on high-end security imaging  
  processors. Launched a wide variety of smart and face recognition chips & design a HD smart  
  CCD image processors for SONY(with pedestrian tracking & license plate recognition  
  functions), 10 years accumulating into the face recognition algorithms After working with  
  National Jiaotong University, Taiwan University & China Science and Technology institute,  
  and even afterwards the cooperation with Computing Institute of Shenzhen University then  
  start to promote a various generations of the Machine Learning(ML) AI pocessors (AVS01~05)  
  and together sold over 700,000 pcs. AI chips until now.  
   We release more than ten coaxial HD video chips & more solutions (HDI8901~9905) are  
  targeting the security and on-vehicle cameras (1~5 mega pixels), had an average of millions  
  of image chips are sold in the Shenzhen market at last 3 passed years.Now the Deep Learning  
  Neural Network AI as a huge tsunami hits the entire world, and seeing no one will be able to  
  stay out of it, since as many years of AI practical skill & knowledge accumulated now we will  
  provide the most simple/fast and lowest-cost AI chips to the world.  
  Development Progress  
  2018 Release the Easiest/Fast/Lowest-Price DL-CNN AI DSP on earth  
  2018 Release Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks(DL-CNN) AI DSP on FPGA  
  2018 Release HDI9905D the 5th Generation Super Quility 5M Surveillance HD Cam DSP  
  2018 Release HDI9903D the 5th Generation Super Quility 3M Automobile HD Cam DSP  
  2017 Release AVS05P+8903H HD/WDR/pedestrian tracking/license plate CMOS Camera mod.  
  2017 HDI890X HD Camera DSP over 15 million pieces sales Qty. accumulated  
  2017 HDI890X Automobile HD Camera DSP reaching half million pieces sales Qty.  
  2017 Mass Prodution the HDI8904P 4 Mega Pixels Coaxial HD Camera DSP  
  2017 Release HDI8903P the 4th Generation HD DSP for 3M Coaxial Camera  
  2017 Release HDI8904 4 Mega Pixels Coaxial HD Camera DSP  
  2016 HDI890X HD Camera DSP over 7 million pieces annual sales Qty.  
  2016 Developing Deep Learning Neural Networks algorithm for AI DSP  
  2016 Developing Automobile Analog Coaxial HD Camera DSP  
  2016 HDI8903 Camera DSP get mass production orders from Da-HWA Tech. Co.  
  2015 HDI8901 4-in-1 Coaxial HD Camera DSP reaching 4 million pieces sales Qty.  
  2015 Release HDI8903~06 3D Noise Reduction 2 Mega Pixels HD Camera DSP  
  2015 Design/Co-Work with DA-HWA for HDI8903 4-in-1 Coaxial HD Camera DSP  
  2014 AVS01~05 Face/Inteligent Camera DSP reaching million pieces sales Qty.  
  2014 Release HDI8901&8902 4-in-1 Muti-Protacols Coaxial HD CMOS Camera DSP  
  2014 Developing Analog Muti-Protacol Coaxial HD CMOS Surveillance Camera DSP  
  2014 Release AVS05P HD/WDR/license plate & pedestrian tracking CCD Camera DSP  
  2013 Design & Co-work with SONY for HD/WDR/Muti-Functions CCD Camera DSP  
  2013 Developing Automobile WDR/Star-light+ADAS CCD+CMOS Camera FPGA Module  
  2013 Release AVS03P+03A HD/WDR/Face/Inteligent/Star-light CCD+CMOS Camera Module  
  2012 Release AVS03A Wide-angle180/Face/Inteligent/Dual CCD+CMOS Camera Module  
  2012 Release AVS03P HD/WDR/Inteligent CCD+CMOS Camera DSP  
  2012 Release AVS03A Low-cost HD/Face/Inteligent CCD+CMOS Camera DSP  
  2011 Release AVS02 HD/Face/Inteligent CCD+CMOS Camera DSP  
  2011 Release AVS01A Single-port Face/Inteligent/Star-light CCD Camera DSP  
  2010 Release AVS01 Surveillance Muti-port Face/Inteligent CCD Camera Signal Processor  
  2009 Start up AVSdsp Co. Ltd. & focus on Surveillance Face/Inteligent HD Camera DSP